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How I separate self-worth from productivity

I had a bit of creative slump for the past week or so (maybe two weeks, if I am being completely honest). Words weren’t coming to me, I found myself in that lovely spiral between getting lost in the internet, compulsively cleaning the house, and watching reruns of The Office. I can see it coming like a screeching-loud train, ready to put my ideas to a complete halt.

Words That Changed My Thinking

I set off on my own Personal Legend almost a year ago.  I wasn't actually sure what a Personal Legend meant, or why I chose that places I did, or the order in which I would do things.  And that became crystal clear when my boots met Gatwick's vast airport floors and my eyes tried to decipher which train ticket would get me where. 

Oscar Wilde said, "I never travel without my diary.  One should always have something sensational to read on the train".  I wasn't quite ready to expose any of my innermost thoughts at the time, so admittedly, this doesn't apply to me.  I wasn't even thinking of writing.  But I did have a book for the train rides – a book that was given to me from my dear friend, one that contained all the words I needed to hear.  Its pages became adorned with underlining and scribbles, corners becoming earmarked.  The spine has become weak and worn as if exhausting itself with the sharing of its knowledge. 

How I Deal With A Bad Day

Last week I posted about hygge – a key element in Danish living.  And while it is Danish in origin, its essence is universal.   Its unique to the person and looks different depending on who you ask. And it should be.  Everyone finds happiness in their own ways, sometimes it is just a matter of being aware of the good surrounding you -  and other times it is consciously creating it for yourself and for others.

8 Signs That You Are Stuck

This is the core reason I started this blog.   To share my experiences with loss, grief, and ultimately -  the feeling of being stuck.  It began two years ago, when my mother died, and it took me a long time to first realize that I was stuck and then how to free myself from it.