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How I separate self-worth from productivity

I had a bit of creative slump for the past week or so (maybe two weeks, if I am being completely honest). Words weren’t coming to me, I found myself in that lovely spiral between getting lost in the internet, compulsively cleaning the house, and watching reruns of The Office. I can see it coming like a screeching-loud train, ready to put my ideas to a complete halt.

How My Life Changed When I Started Walking Instead of Running

Walk, Don’t Run.

The three words that drove me berserk as a child.  I didn’t want to walk into the pool, I wanted a full sprint in order to propel my cannonball jump even further.  And I couldn’t believe the audacity of the grey-haired teacher with mix-matched clothes that effectively halted my hallway hurry to recess, at least until I could slip around the corner out of sight.

I kept the same full-tilt pace into adulthood.  But this time I wrongly misjudged it.  I couldn’t see where I was jumping and the hallways seemed to go on forever.  I always felt like I was running, finishing one thing and immediately on to the next.  A head-down sprint, with one foot blurring in front of the other - but I never looked up to see where it was that I was actually going. 

I'm Failing at Mindfulness

I sit cross-legged in a slouched posture that would make any yogi cringe.  Eyes closed, I tell myself to focus on my breath and to empty my mind of everything else.  Inhale.  Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.  The sounds from the Irish streets below slowly begin to creep in.  Ambulance sirens wail. School children laugh.  Birds flapping their wings high above the River Lee.       No - I tell myself - focus on the breath.  Inhale. Exhale. Inhale.  I wonder if it will rain later? Exhale. Inhale.  This is Ireland.  So yeah, probably.  Exhale. Hmm, coffee sounds really good.  Inhale.  Is that a dog? Exhale.  Great, my foot is now asleep.  Inhale.  Exhale.  Hey self, remember that time in 1995 when that boy was mean to me on the bus? This is the perfect time to think about that.