Tips for a spring refresh

Tips for a spring refresh

With the temperatures slowly rising and flowers starting to show their petals, I am finally letting myself believe that spring is tiptoeing its way into our days. But even during the first week of May, I am not entirely convinced that we won’t see some quick snow flurries having their last hurrah on an early chilly morning.

Nonetheless, I’ve found myself with a greater appreciation for the arrival of spring than years past. One of the main contributing factors to this appreciation dates back to January when I decided to go carless. We are lucky enough to live in an area that allows me to walk almost everywhere that I need to be so selling my car made sense. It has created a fun shift in my life, where I now have to plan more time to get somewhere. But instead of it being a nuisance, it has been enjoyable to notice daily how the flowers are blooming and the trees are welcoming back their leaves. When I feel more connected in my surroundings, I find myself better appreciating the little nuances of the every day.

Secondly, flowers have become increasingly important to me. Tap here to read why.

To continue adopting the spring state of mind, these are the things I am doing to feel more rooted in the season.

  • Setting aside time to listen to the birds. I shared on my Instagram a couple of weeks ago how I felt that I was lacking creativity and being unproductive. I was racking my brain for ideas all day when my dad had texted me and said that the weather was so lovely and he had been outside watching “his” birds all day. I’m going over to his house this Thursday to sit in his garden with him and watch his birds.

  • Planting an herb garden. This is the best time of year to cook fresh goods!

  • Having fresh cut flowers in our home.

  • More picnics. When traveling, I love grabbing bits of local cheeses, charcuterie, and wine and finding a nice park. There is absolutely no reason I can't do that when in my home city as well.

  • Having my morning coffee outdoors

  • Opening all the windows. I don’t care if its 45 degrees at night time!

  • Donating clothing

  • Cutting all single-use plastics out of my life as a small step to help the environment.

  • Reading more Mary Oliver poems. Barry often reads Yeat’s poems, and he inspires me to read more poetry. Mary Oliver has lovely poems about the beauty of the outdoors.

  • Tuning up my bike for those afternoon rides.

What are you doing for spring? Onwards and upwards to brighter days! x

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