All in Nature

I Chase Waterfalls for My Health

The car slows as its tires slowly crunch over the gravel.  After hours of driving the winding black ribbons of roads in the Westfjords of Iceland, we come across a tall precipice overlooking toy cars below, signaling that we must be close.

Doors slamming closed and its strength already radiates within your bones.  Thunderous by name, Dynjandi is the most powerful waterfall in the fjords. A series of seven waterfalls in all, stretching to a height of 100 meters.

Why Breaking Tradition is So Important

Cleared of every day life, the visceral need took hold once again.  

Provisions packed, cables unplugged, atlas mapped, hats on, doors slamming.  I was ready to take on the icy cold of the east.  Guided by the horizon and hugged by the mountains.  The quietness of early Christmas morning enveloped the roads and us.  It was my first Christmas apart from the familiar warmth of family and whatever remainder of tradition we could bare to muster.