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You're Welcome At My Table (Why We Need Sit-Down Dinners)

I’m deliberately resisting counting down the days until we visit Sweden later this summer, a country I’ve longed to visit for far more reasons than its beautiful and strikingly simplistic Scandinavian design or their minimalistic fashion sense.

While I earnestly try to incorporate those two concepts into my home and closet, it is their culture and sense of community that truly draws me in.  It is their center.  It is their core. And it is what I want in my life.

Coming Home

Was my bed always this comfortable?  I sink back into the feathery plush and stretch my extremities as far as they can extend as if I’m desperately trying to reach something on the top shelf at the market.  My cool feet burrow into the heavy duvet.  The Columbus streets below are quiet and dark and I graciously welcome sleep.

But there is much that I already miss.