About the blog

Three years ago, my life was turned upside down. I found it next to impossible to function. I was lost, stuck, and hopeless all at once, and I was worried that I wouldn’t get through it.

But I did. I worked through it, one day and one little change at a time; changes to my surroundings, my thoughts, and my habits introduced me to a happier, more content and hopeful self.

What I realized was that certain changes could have the most impactful of effects.

It’s why I started this blog. If what I learned helped me, then maybe it will help you too. Whether you are feeling stuck, lost, or hurting, or simply seeking a happier and healthier life, then this blog is for you.

The change we’re looking for is “outside”. It might be outside our door, our comfort zone, our frame of thought, our country, but regardless, it is likely to be “outside”.

Whatever it may be, I hope you can find your “outside” through my blog.




About the Author: Malinda Meadows

A few short years ago, I was abruptly awakened in the middle of the night to the news of an accident. After two sleepless weeks of beige walls, cold hospital rooms, continuous monitor beeping and ultimate incomprehension, I lost my beautiful mother.

Naturally, what followed was a time of confusion and loss. A physical loss accompanied by a loss of self. I lost a part of my own identity when she was no longer here. The same things I was doing before she died simply didn’t work anymore. I struggled to find happiness in anything. My mind was constantly all over the place. I only went through the motions. I was stuck.

The grief became so consuming that I felt that I had to get away from everything that reminded me of her.

So I began to travel. I went to cities that held no traces of memories. I hiked through forests and climbed mountains to clear my head.

It was through these experiences that I discovered that nature and travel could be healing. I felt calmer by the ocean and stronger next to the mountains. Running through forest trails sharpened my focus. The time spent en-route to a destination allowed time to reflect. New cities instilled a sense of wonder within me.

Eventually I was able to face and work through the grief, to invite the sadness to sit at my table as if it were the noblest of dinner guests. I stopped going through the motions and I started noticing again. I noticed the first sip of good coffee, or the way the light shone so beautifully through a window – and when I laughed, I really laughed.

Only then did I realize how I wanted to live my life from that point forward.

I began writing about my experiences in order to help those who may be stuck in the same place, regardless of the circumstance that led them there.

Just as the very nature of change is ongoing, so will be our conversation. Join me, and we can make a life well-lived, our best work.