Selected Works

Cooking Toward Recovery

Edible Columbus, June 2019

Growing Pains

Edible Columbus, March 2019 (digital and print)

My mother died twice. This is what I know about letting go

Scribe, January 2019

Why we absolutely must print photographs

Scribe, January 2019

Resolutions for Reconnecting

Rockholly Journal, January 2019

Things to Know About Cremation

Emberstones, January 2019

What I Learned from the Desert

Rucksack Magazine, May 2018

Grey Matter

Willow Speaks Publication, June 2018

Stepping Away From Our Desks

Rockholly Journal, May 2018

Becoming Stewards of the Environment

Rockholly Journal, April 2018

Hear Us Roar

Ollie + Squish Gazette, September 2018

How I Got Unstuck

The Possibility of Change, February 2017

‘Tis the Season for Sustainable Gifting

Ollie + Squish Gazette, December 2018

How Art Gave Me Solace

The Possibility of Change, May 2017