The Six Categories for Change

The Six Categories for Change

Hi, welcome!

If you are new around here, or have been reading along for some time now, I wanted to take some time to explain exactly how this blog is set up and how it can be of best help to you.

When I was previously feeling "stuck", I began learning how little incremental changes could lead me to a happier and healthier life. I created The Change is Outside Blog around six areas that I found brought meaningful change to my life and I hope that you find it serves you as well.

Maybe you, too, feel stuck, or feel like your days have become a blur, or perhaps you are simply seeking inspiration for a life well-lived.

You'll notice that below each blog post is a tag that sorts the post into one of the six categories. This way you can read about one particular area of your life where you are seeking change, or you can explore all six! Keep scrolling to learn more about the six categories.

 The Change is Outside Blog
 Self-knowledge The Change is Outside Blog


Below the surface, everyone is pretty complicated and sometimes we have difficulty understanding how we operate.  Having the ability to know yourself helps us learn what brings us happiness and what drives it away. It is important to find your fit.

 Nature, The Change is Outside Blog


Time in nature isn't leisure time, but rather an investment in yourself. Learn how nature can help us recalibrate, clarify, and pare down. The best views are entirely free, and yours for the taking.

 Travel, The Change is Outside Blog


Travel helps us restore and regain balance in our daily lives. Explore how it has the ability to heal us, humble us, and develop us in specific ways.

 Community, The Change is Outside Blog


Create room for new people at your table while realizing and strengthening the bonds you already have. Learn how having connections can root us, even if those connections are all over the world.

 Intention, The Change is Outside Blog


Living with intention can have you feeling re-energized and with a renewed sense of purpose. But first we need to learn how to carve out that space and step back. It is always easier to look forward than it is to look inward.

 Slow Living, The Change is Outside Blog

Slow Living

When did being busy become so glorified? In a society that values productivity over leisure, learn to instead walk through the world in more deliberate and meaningful way.


One last sub-category...

You will also notice one more theme throughout the blog, grief. This is because grief was the catalyst that inspired the change in how I was living my life. We all have different motivations for change and grief won't apply to everyone. But if you are someone who is experiencing loss as well, I encourage you to especially take a look at these posts. 


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In your pursuit for change, remember that change is outside – it may be outside your front door.  It may be outside your comfort zone.  It may be outside your country.  It may simply be outside your own frame of thought, but regardless, it is likely to be “outside”.

I hope you find your "outside" through my blog.


Warm regards,


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